Jon Hardister Wins Endorsements

US Senator Thom Tillisbacktotop


“I am proud to call Jon Hardister a friend and I strongly support his reelection to the NC House. Having served with Jon for two years in the NC House, I know that he has the work ethic, dedication and ability to be an effective legislator. Jon cares about the future of North Carolina and he will continue working to move our State in the right direction.” – Thom Tillis, US Senate

Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolinabacktotop


“Rep. Hardister has our back backs in the General Assembly, and fire fighters in District 59 have his back in the 2016 election.”
– Tom Brewer, President, Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina

NC Voters for Animal Welfarebacktotop


North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare proudly endorses House Representative Jon Hardister, District 59.

His continued support and concern for his community, and the animals within it, shows that this legislator is compassionate! Rep. Hardister understands the human animal bond, even volunteering in Greensboro to provide vaccines to pets in the underserved community. He provided a strong voice for his constituents by cosponsoring HB 930 to ensure that dogs in commercial breeding facilities have basic standards of care. Rep. Hardister has continued to be outspoken and encourages the Senate to do their work and pass HB 930 into law.

North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare proudly endorses House Representative Jon Hardister, District 59.

NC Chamber of Commercebacktotop


“These pro-jobs candidates understand the policies that enhance North Carolina’s business climate, improve our education and talent supply system, develop our infrastructure, and boost entrepreneurship and innovation. As a result of pro-growth policies advanced the last two years, businesses of all sizes that employ millions of North Carolinians can look to expand, spurring further business investments and job creation. However, there is work still to be done, and we know that we can count on these leaders to focus on policies that equip North Carolina to create 1 million new jobs over the next 15 years.”
– Lew Ebert, president and CEO of the North Carolina Chamber.

Associated Builders & Contractorsbacktotop


Charlotte, NC – The Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas (ABC), representing over 500 member companies from every sector of the commercial construction industry, is pleased to announce their endorsement of 30 candidates to appear on North Carolina ballots this November.

These candidates were selected for their commitment to the ideas of Open Competition and Free Enterprise, and their efforts to improve the economic climate for businesses across North Carolina.

See list HERE.



“It is my honor to receive the endorsement of the NRA. As a legislator, I will continue to support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”
– Jon Hardister

Rhino Timesbacktotop


Hardister is the best choice in this race. He has worked with the Republicans to bring about much needed reform in state government including raising education funding and raising teacher salaries. He’s also on his way to being a leader in the Republican caucus. Hardister, at 32, is one of the younger, but not the youngest member of the state House. He represents the future of the Republican Party in North Carolina, and as a native of Greensboro that’s good for our area.

Greensboro News & Recordbacktotop


On the night of Oct. 1, Jon Hardister sat on a stage in downtown Greensboro and coolly voiced his opposition to the proposed quarter-cent sales tax in Guilford County that would benefit public schools. When a handful of hecklers disapproved, the first-term Republican member of the N.C. House didn’t flinch.

Twenty days later, there Hardister was again, this time speaking on a panel about the need to reform partisan gerrymandering, which Hardister supports.

Both instances attest to Hardister’s style so far as a legislator: reliably conservative, but not rigidly so. Convicted in his core beliefs, but open-minded.

On the sales tax — where, in our view, he’s dead-wrong — he toes the party line.

On gerrymandering, not so much, and he found himself agreeing with a reliably liberal Democrat, state Rep. Pricey Harrison, and redistricting reform advocate Jane Pinsky. More power to him in his support of reforms that would remove redistricting from the grubby hands of self-serving politicians.

To be sure, Hardister, 31, skews hard to the right on many issues, but he seems to do what he truly believes, not necessarily what party dogma dictates. For instance, he supports vouchers for private schools but also believes those schools need to be held more accountable. He touts the Republican-controlled legislature’s passage this year of average 7 percent teacher pay raises, but concedes they aren’t enough.

On what some see as overreach by the legislature into the affairs of local government, Hardister argues, “We’re within our bounds to provide oversight. Then he adds, “But I think we need to be careful not to get too much involved.”

Hardister’s Democratic opponent, Scott Jones, 42, is a three-time cancer survivor and a former Republican.

Jones supports Medicaid expansion (“It’s our money”) and cites his own reliance on the Affordable Care Act to help pay for his medical bills. He favors the sales-tax increase for schools and a higher minimum wage. And he comes across as genial and earnest.

The third candidate in the field, Paul Meinhart, 43, says he ran as a Libertarian because it was the best way for an independent to get his name on the ballot. He cites as his three top priorities the environment, living-wage legislation and education.

But Hardister’s youthful idealism, his potential to work within the GOP majority and his promising flashes of independence recommend his re-election. As further evidence of that, his three biggest regrets thus far:

  • “We didn’t pass redistricting reform.”
  • Lawmakers killed historic tax credits for the restoration of old buildings.
  • Rules that would limit terms for state House and Senate leaders are still more a notion than a reality.

We only hope that, as he builds on his tenure and experience, Hardister will help change Raleigh —and not the other way around.

Carla Strickland, Mayor of Pleasant Gardenbacktotop


“Jon Hardister exemplifies everything we would like all politicians to be: honest, forthright and quick to respond to constituents’ needs. Please join me in voting for Jon Hardister on Tuesday, November 4.”
– Carla Strickland, Mayor of Pleasant Garden

Sheriff BJ Barnesbacktotop


“Jon is a hard working legislator who represents Guilford Co. well. I have worked with Jon on legislation that has and will make a positive difference in our state. We need to keep Jon working for us in Raleigh.”
– BJ Barnes, Guilford County Sheriff

Lt. Governor Dan Forestbacktotop


“Jon Hardister has proven to be an excellent legislator in the NC House. He is dedicated to conservative principles, and he works hard to implement positive reforms in our state government. He is exactly the type of person we need working for us in the state legislature.”
– Dan Forest, Lt. Governor, North Carolina



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