Jon Hardister

On North Carolina's

Important Issues

Economic Development

Where Jon Stands  The General Assembly must enact policies that will promote job creation and strengthen our economy. To do this, we have to keep taxes low and prevent government over-regulation. Jon will work to create job opportunities for all of North Carolina.

Jon will ensure that our tax rates remain comparative with other states. He will continue to update and streamline regulations that will boost our economy and increase job training in high schools, community colleges and universities.

Jon’s Economic Accomplishments

  • Reformed and simplified North Carolina’s tax code.
  • Reduced regulations that were having a negative impact on small business.
  • Promoted job-specific education.
  • Worked to strengthen our transportation system that facilitates commerce.

Government Efficiency

Where Jon Stands It is important for state government to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. This includes being responsible with tax dollars, balancing the budget responsibly, and keeping our state debt low. We must invest wisely in the core services of government.

Jon will continue to focus on balancing the budget responsibly and allocating tax dollars wisely to fund core services. He will make sure our state has a healthy reserve account in care of emergencies, keep our debt low and our credit rating strong.

Jon’s Efficiency Accomplishments

  • Balanced the budget responsibly
  • Increased spending on the core services of government
  • Increased our state’s emergency reserves account to approximately $1.6 billion.
  • Maintained a AAA credit rating
  • Paid down over $2.5 billion in debt

Public Education

Where Jon Stands We need a strong education system to ensure a workforce that is ready for success. Education must be supported at all levels and operated efficiently. Not only do we have a moral obligation to educate our state’s children, but it is also necessary to ensure that North Carolina can remain competitive with modern economies.

Jon will establish rigorous education standards but refrain from over-testing students. He will empower teachers with more freedom in their classrooms and utilize advances in technology to promote learning. Jon will also partner with businesses to promote job specific-education.

Jon’s Education Accomplishments

  • Increased education funding by nearly $2 billion.
  • Increased teacher pay by an average of 13%.
  • Gave parents with more control and options for their child’s education.


Where Jon Stands – Healthcare is complex. We must allow more access to quality health care but expanding government bureaucracy to control of our health care system is not the answer. Much of the healthcare debate is based on federal policy, but there are some policy measures that we can enact at the state level.

Jon will increase funding for mental health treatment, which affects thousands of families in North Carolina. He will make sure that the vulnerable have the support they need and encourage the federal government to reform healthcare regulations.

Jon’s Healthcare Accomplishments

  • Reformed Medicaid by increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Opted-out of expanding Medicaid
  • Did not to establish a state health care exchange under Obamacare


Where Jon Stands – We must have a solid transportation system to facilitate commerce and increase our quality of life. Businesses often consider the quality of our roads and bridges before they choose a location. We also must make sure our roads are well kept and safe for travel.

Jon will continue to ensure the gas tax revenue is allocated to transportation projects. He will create public service campaigns to promote roadway safety and maintain driver’s education in all public schools.

Jon’s Transportation Accomplishments

  • Ended the transfer of the Highway Fund to the General Fund ensuring the highway funding is spent on transportation projects.
  • Mandated transportation projects are driven by data, not politics.
  • Modernized DMV operations and allowed licenses to be renewed online.

Public Safety

Where Jon Stands – Public safety is an important role of state government. We must ensure that law enforcement has the tools necessary to keep us safe, while also operating our judicial system efficiently. People have a right to feel safe and protected in our society.

Jon will continue to ensure law enforcement officers have the tools they need to do their jobs. He will remove politics from law enforcement and increase the use of technology in forensic services and court proceedings.

Jon’s Public Safety Accomplishments

  • Increased pay for State Troopers.
  • Provided more funding for law enforcement.
  • Provided funding to modernize our state court system.
  • Enhanced penalties for sex crimes, including human trafficking and crimes against students.