North Carolina Public Policy Results

Moving North Carolina Forward

Jobs & Economy

  • 23rd largest economy in the word / 9th largest state in the country
  • One of only 12 states that has a AAA credit rating
  • One of the fastest-growing GDPs in the country since 2011
  • Over 500,000 net new jobs have been created since January 2011 ~ The unemployment rate has dropped faster than the national average and is at a 16 year low (the unemployment rate has fallen from 10 percent to below 5 percent)
  • Eliminated $2.5 billion in debt to the federal government (our state has low debt)
  • $580 million budget surplus this year; most states are struggling (we must balance budget) – this happened AFTER cutting taxes
  • Increased our Rainy Day Account to over $1.5 billion (emergencies/recession)
  • Balanced the budget while cutting taxes

Tax Reform

  • Reduced the overall tax burden by over $1 billion dollars
  • Created a Flat Tax in personal income and dropped the rate to 5.5. percent
  • Reduced the corporate tax from 7 to 3 percent
  • Eliminated the Estate Tax (Death Tax)
  • Drastically enhanced standard deductions ($17,500 for M and $8,250 for S filer) – which especially benefits low-income families. (i.e. $17,500 is 44% of $40,000 but is only 4% of $400,000
  • Our Tax Foundation Ranking has gone from 44th worst to 11th best

Regulatory Reform

  • Reduced numerous unnecessary regulations
  • Required the Rules Review Commission to review all states laws to determine if they are necessary and to report to the legislature
  • For example, I have passed bills to change regulations related to the mortgage industry, real estate procedures, homeless shelters, bail bond procedures, real estate appraising, etc.


  • Eliminated transfer from the highway trust fund and capped gas tax (long-term funding solutions?)
  • Transportation projects must be driven by data
  • Roads rate well when compared to most other states


  • Increased education spending by over $1 billion since 2011
  • Reversed cuts that began under Democrats in 2009 and 2010
  • Increased teacher pay from 44th to 35th in the nation (and it’s even higher when adjusted for cost of living)
  • Increased school choice options, especially for those who have a disability
  • Tripled textbook funding since 2011 (but we need to reduce the costs of textbooks)
  • Working to reduce testing, reduce paperwork, enhance the efficiency of how funds are spent, and advance technology in the classroom
  • Preparing a study commission to determine how to enhance funding efficiency

Public Safety

  • Increased compensation for law enforcement / enhanced funding for equipment
  • Modernized search & rescue equipment
  • Provided funds to update our court systems
  • Currently work to Raise the Age of juvenile justice / allow expunction procedures / “ban the box” for state employment (excluding law enforcement)

Health Care

  • Increased the efficiency of our Medicaid system by modernizing technology and reducing waste, fraud and abuse
  • We went from running Medicaid deficits to surpluses
  • Enhanced preventing care and managed care
  • Currently we are waiting to see what the feds do related to health care reform
  • Note: The ACA is not working: Aetna has left the marketplace; United Health Care has pulled out of most markets; and Blue Cross Blue Shield is losing money
  • We need more access, more options, lower costs and a safety net for those who truly need it (disabilities, mental health, elderly, etc)

Challenges Moving Forward

  • Reducing the cost of health care and increasing access for everyone
  • Preparing to care for the elderly population
  • Maintain our pension system and health care benefits for state employees
  • Determining how to fund roads when electric cars become more prominent
  • Adjusting to Artificial Intelligence replacing human resources

Rep. Jon Hardister

P.O. Box 4113
Greensboro, NC 27404

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